Global Roaming

The world is getting smaller and we are travelling more often to more far flung places.

Our need to stay connected whilst abroad becomes even more crucial.

Data has become almost as integral to the modern century traveller as their passport.

In a perfect world we would love to be able to use our phones and other smart devices just like we do at home.

Unfortunately telco carriers aren't known for moving quickly. 6% of telco revenue is derived from International roaming.

Many challenges/obstacles

WiFi used to be the method of choice the advent of ride sharing map, however it is simply not pervasive enough for us to rely on when 

Security concerns have caused many to 

A local SIM card is the next best option but troublesome for short stays, of when travelling to multiple countries

What if a solution existed that enabled us to use our data just like home, wherever we travelled, without the exorbitant costs that was secure 

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