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The way businesses communicate has changed remarkably in recent times. Driven by the accessibility of cheap pocket computers (smartphones) & the ever improving speed, cost & availability of Internet access has caused billions of people around the world to flock to messaging & social media platforms at an unprecedented rate.


The days of ordering a phone & fax line and then provisioning copper based a broadband service of a copper based  ADSL for a typical branch office are fast coming to and end.

In Australia & the UK, the copper telephone networks & ISDN are being progressively phased out. So, for most businesses it is a case of when and not if they will switch over to a VoIP service.

There are two main ways this will occur, by switching from ISDN or PSTN to SIP (essentially VoIP telephone lines). Most phone systems these days can support SIP or can be upgraded to do so.

However many business are taking the opportunity to ditch their phone system in favour of a Cloud based phone system, known Hosted VoIP or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Despite the acronym, UCaaS is a relatively simple concept to understand. It is simply another service that can now be bought on a subscription basis that you don't have to worry about.


  • Netflix Vs buying DVDs
  • Spotify Vs buying CD's
  • Uber Vs buying a car
  • Running a Mail Application Server Vs Office 365 

Other than financial impacts of buying upfront vs 'renting' a phone system 

UCaaS offers businesses the ability to 

The CallCloud team have a wealth of experience in UCaaS, and and we have partnered with the best providers in this space.

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