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105MB Flexiroam X Microchip Starter Kit

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Starter Kit Includes 

  • Flexiroam X Microchip 'SIM sticker'
  • 5MB Setup Data
  • 100MB Global Data (360 Day Expiry)
  • Lifetime Flexiroam X access license
  • SIM tray opener tool
  • Microchip Setup Guide
  • Flexiroam X App

Flexiroam X Microchip Benefits

Apply the wafer thin 0.08mm Microchip 'SIM sticker' once!

    Turns a normal phone Dual SIM capability via Flexiroam X App

      • 4G LTE coverage where available in 150+ countries
      • Data can be shared with with Flexishare
      • Inflight WiFi access with Scoot
      • PDF Guide
      • 24/7 Support
      • Global Coverage in 150+ countries
      • Free Flexiroam X App
      • Prepaid Data. No excess charges. No bill shock!

      Flexiroam X App Features


      Top Up Data Plans Anywhere
      Choose from a:

      Local Data Plan

      • Affordable data for a country or region
      • Discount for purchasing in advance (30 or 90 days) 
      • Plan Cancellation feature

      Buy a Local Data Plan for an entire region:

      Data Plans can be shared with other Flexiroam users 

      100% Prepaid Data
      No excess charges, no bill shock, no worries!

      Things You Should Know
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        We're always happy to help :)

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