Untether your next holiday with Flexishare!

A common question we are asked about our Travel SIMs is:

"Do they allow tethering?"

And for the record, the answer is yes, they do!

However, we understand the real meaning behind this question:

"How can I get the most data without buying an extra Travel SIM?"

Lucky for you, we don't believe that just because you are on a holiday you should need to compromise:

Introducing Flexiroam's newest innovation: Flexishare

Flexishare allows users to share data with each other via the Flexiroam X App wherever they are around the globe!

No need to mess around using battery draining Pocket WiFi or MiFi devices, no more buying SIMs that are barely used and no

Flexishar allows you to obtain better value by allowing you to buy a single, (and better value) data bundle and sharing it with your travel companions.

All they need to recieve the gift of data is is their own Flexiroam X App (free) & a low cost SIM Starter Kit from us!

Better yet, it's not pooled data in the traditional sense. So, a mischievous child isn't able to smash everyone's shared data limit, by downloading the latest version of Grand Theft Auto to their iPad. (2.1GB for those wondering)

Now we are talking: Local SIM data pricing without the stress.

You can share Unlimited Data with friends and family anytime, with a simple tap on the share button. See this guide for further information:

Flexishare is Available now for all users Microchip/eSIM/SIM Card with eligible Flexiroam Local Data & Global Data Plans

Order your Flexiroam X Starter Kit's and start Flexisharing today.


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