**NEW RELEASE** ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator

Ski Backcountry with the Zoleo Satellite Communicator

For powderhounds nothing comes close to the feeling getting first tracks in the deep, fluffy stuff.

However, off-piste riding isn't for everyone. Many of us have loved ones who don't quite understand the sole purpose for existing on this planet is getting steep & deep. So, while you and your buddies are out shredding and having the time of your life, your better half is back in the lodge (or at home) just hoping that you're OK!

If this situation sounds familiar to you, we have some great news. The clever Aussies at Beam Communications have invented a rugged, handheld device that enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones anywhere on the planet!

VIDEO: Dave Norona somewhere deep in the BC backcountry.

In addition to the safety features of ZOLEO mentioned by Dave, that can be operated directly from the physical buttons on the ZOLEO device, what we really love is that ZOLEO enables you to communicate meaningfully via the free ZOLEO App.

You can send/receive SMS with a real mobile number (+61 for AU) or (+1 for USA & Canada) or compose an email with your own dedicated ZOLEO email address.

If the person you are communicating with also downloads the ZOLEO App, you can send much longer messages (up to 950 characters in length) and the best part of all EMOJIS!! 

This makes ZOLEO perfect for those not quite emergency situations. Like when, you've dropped too low on a traverse or have taken a wrong turn on the home trail. You're not in trouble or danger, but your mates don't know where you are, and you just know they aren't going to be to impressed seeing your sheepish grin after waiting half an hour for you at the bottom station.

We should mention that not all ZOLEO App users need to have ZOLEO device to message you. When you arrive back inbounds (within mobile or WiFi coverage) it will automatically switch to your iPhone or Android's cellular or WiFi connection.

This means that anyone who has the ZOLEO App can communicate with you even if they don't have their own ZOLEO device (or are too tight to pay for international roaming).

These users just need our Flexiroam X global roaming data solution and they can use the 100MB of included Global Data with each SIM Card to keep in touch with you while you are off the grid. Note: messages sent from ZOLEO are tiny, so will hardly any data allowance at all!

CallCloud can now offer the global travel adventurer and their travel party a complete and cost effective way to stay in touch when enjoying the outdoors. Flexiroam X eSIM, SIM Card, SIM Microchip & 4G LTE global mobile data plans available in 160 countries & now with Iridium powered email, messaging & SMS anywhere on the planet!


Is this something that appeals to you?  Where have you planned your next  adventure: Japan, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Austria, France, Alaska or somewhere even more exotic?

Hit us up in the comments section below!


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