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Which countries have eSIM?

If you have recently purchased a new iPhone 11 and are excited about using it's dual SIM capabilities on your next overseas jaunt, you may well ask Google: "Which countries are eSIM compatible?"

You will more than likely end up heading to the page on Apple's website: Find wireless carriers that offer eSIM service

It is logical that this page would rank highly as Apple is a trusted authority and were early adopters of eSIM with their iPad. Indeed Apple should be praised for using their market power to drive the industry to embrace the benefits of an embedded SIM Card.

Although all of Apple's iPhone's from XR onward are dual SIM (having both a Nano SIM Slot and an an eSIM), Apple do not actually 'own' eSIM technology itself. It is an agreed standard governed by the GSMA, and eSIMs can also be found embedded in many other devices including Android devices such as Google's Pixel, the Samsung Fold LTE & soon to be released Motorola RAZR.

A visitor to Apple's page could easily be given the impression that only 51 countries at present currently offer eSIM support. Let me be clear in stating that this simply is not the case.

Although many countries are yet to receive local eSIM support, there are a handful of Global eSIM service providers that enable eSIM enabled handsets to use their eSIM to access 4G in virtually every country on earth.

This is particularly great news for those who have an eSIM enabled handset and wish to travel as they can take advantage of their phone's eSIM capability without having to pay exorbitant rates charged by their home telco, nor do they don't need to search around when they arrive at their destination for a single use local or tourist SIM Card that quite likely will end up in landfill or worse in our oceans.

To install the eSIM ir really simple. One is simply purchases an eSIM profile, which will be delivered via email or instant download. This can be done in their home country before they leave, or even after they have arrived at their destination.

To see if we are able to offer you an eSIM to you on your next holiday, please check our coverage page.


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